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SELPA: Community Advisory Committee (CAC)


Community Advisory Committee for Special Education (CAC)
What:  California Education Code (Part 30, Chapter 7, Article 7, 56190) requires each Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) to establish a Community Advisory Committee for Special Education (CAC). The Community Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the SRVUSD Special Education Department and Board of Education on the implementation of the Local Plan. The Local Plan describes how SRVUSD provides services to students with exceptional needs.
Who:  Membership on the CAC includes a majority of interested parents of regular and special education students, representatives of public and private agencies, both regular and special education teachers, and other community members interested in the delivery of services to special education students. Because the CAC supports family involvement, parents may apply as a family and share the CAC membership responsibility.  We would like to have 15 parent members on the committee. The CAC parent members work together along with administrators, staff, teachers and other parents as members of many District groups that support all of our students. CAC parent input is valuable to the district in its efforts to communicate with parents. We strive to welcome parent volunteers, community members and educators who will work toward creating success for students, providing supportive information for teachers, and maintaining a well-informed parent community to support students’ educational experiences in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. Interested potential members are encouraged to complete the application process.  CAC members are appointed by the Board of Education and commit to serving for a designated two year term. Any parent of a student in the district, staff or community member may attend CAC meetings.
How:  The CAC performs the following activities:
  • Advises the district administration and Board of Education regarding special education policy issues as related to implementation of the SELPA Local plan;
  • Makes recommendations on annual priorities to be addressed under the plan;
  • Assists in parent education and disability awareness activities;
  • Acts in support of individuals with exceptional needs.
Every CAC meeting will focus on a specific topic and include time for “Public Comment” where anyone can speak to a given topic or let the CAC know of a general concern. If the concern raised is case specific, the CAC will refer the question to a Parent Support Network volunteer or appropriate district staff.

When:  Please refer to calendar.

Noralyn Giles, Chairperson
Kristin Chen, Vice-Chairperson

Marilyn Cachola Lucey, Parent
Kristin Chen, Employee/Parent
Pam Elardy, Parent
MaryAnn Frates, SELPA Executive Director
Todd Gary, Parent
Erica Griffin, Special Needs Committee
Rachel Hurd, Board Member
Mark Jewett, Board Trustee
Ann Katzburg, SRVEA President
Christine Koehne, Special Needs Support Liaison
Stephanie Nazario, Teacher
Jon Pevna, Employee
Meg Richardson, President Special Needs Committee
Nadine Rosenzweig, Principal Live Oak
Kathy Walsh, Parent
If you have questions:
Click on name to contact Tanya Meyers or phone (925) 552-2988

CAC Vision Statement

The Community Advisory Committee is a forward-thinking, productive body that advises the Board of Education and works in partnership with the District and community toward:

  • greater awareness of special needs issues;
  • continuous improvement of special education processes and programs;
  • and improved outcomes for all students;

in support of the special education local plan.

CAC Application Process

Click Here to view the CAC Letter.

Click Here to view and print the CAC Application.

CAC Bylaws

Click Here to view the CAC Bylaws.


Click here to view the revised CAC brochure

CAC Meeting Dates 2016-2017

Click Here to view the proposed meeting dates for 2017-2018.

CAC AGENDAS for 2017-18

Click  to view an agenda :  


  9/18/17 CAC Agenda

10/23/17 CAC Agenda

CAC Minutes for 2016-2017

Please click the following links to review the minutes from the CAC meetings:


Click Here to view the minutes from 9/4/16

Click Here to view the minutes from 10/10/16

Click Here to view the minutes from 11/9/16