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Welcome to Special Education

Welcome to Special Education

Under the direction of SELPA Executive Director, Jean Anthony, and Special Ed Director, Cindy Perez and Special Ed Assist. Director, Carol Unterseher, the special education department develops and implements effective programs, uniquely designed for individual students.  In addition, the department provides a variety of staff development opportunities for classified and certificated professionals.  Program Supervisors oversee special education programs at all levels.


SELPA Special Education Staff

Jean Anthony
SELPA Executive Director 
Executive Secretary - Tanya Meyers (925) 552-2988

Cindy Perez
Director of Special Education
Secretary - Margaret Chew  (925) 552-5006

Carol Unterseher
Assistant Director of Special Education 
Secretary - Margaret Chew  (925)552-5006


Program Supervisors

Moira Zacharakis
Program Supervisor, Infant/Preschool
(925) 552-5028
Secretary - Lisa Grover (925) 552-5004

  • Mauzy Sites Program
  • Bollinger Canyon
  • Disney
  • CEIA

Carolyn Dobel
Program Supervisor, Monte Vista High Feeder Schools
(925) 552-2934
Secretary - Lisa Grover (925) 552-5004

  • Alamo
  • Creekside
  • Green Valley
  • Rancho Romero
  • Tassajara Hills
  • Vista Grande
  • Diablo Vista Middle School
  • Los Cerros Middle School
  • Monte Vista High School
  • Private Schools

Vanessa Horeis
Program Supervisor, San Ramon Valley High Feeder Schools
(925) 552-5043
Secretary - Lisa Grover (925) 552-5004

  • Greenbrook
  • John Baldwin
  • Montair
  • Sycamore Valley
  • Charlotte Wood Middle School
  • Stone Valley Middle School
  • San Ramon High School
  • Del Amigo

Doris Kwok
Program Supervisor, California High Feeder Schools
(925) 552-5012
Secretary - Jenny Olden (925) 552-5063

  • Bollinger Conyon
  • Golden View
  • Montevideo
  • Twin Creeks
  • Iron Horse Middle School
  • Cal High School

Randy Linscheid
Program Supervisor, California High Feeder Schools
(925) 552-5508
Secretary - Jenny Olden (925) 552-5063

  • Country Club
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Walt Disney
  • Pine Valley
  • County Schools
  • Non Public Schools
  • Residential 

Christine Koehne
Program Supervisor, Dougherty Valley High Feeder Schools
(925) 552-5015
Secretary - Jenny Olden (925) 552-5063

  • Bella Vista (when it opens)
  • Coyote Creek
  • Hidden Hills
  • Live Oak
  • Quail Run
  • Gale Ranch Middle School
  • Windemere Ranch Middle School
  • Dougherty Valley High School
  • Venture


Related Services Staff

Assistive Technology - (925) 855-5461

Rose Fambrini
Adapted Physical Education - (925) 855-2471

Nicole Crowe
Adapted Physical Education - (925) 855-5470

Julia Fiebig
Behavior Analyst - (925) 552-2908

Jason Jennings
Behavior Analyst - (925) 552-5018

Cristin Johnston, Ph.D.
Behavior Analyst - (925) 552-2956

Michael Johnston. Ph.D.
Behavior Analyst - (925) 552-5066

Brittany Mazur
Behavior Analyst - (925) 552-5010

Shea Hunter
Inclusion Specialist - (925) 855-5465

Diana Jeong
Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments- (925) 855-5475

Dawn Graeme, Ph.D.
Physical Therapist - (925) 743-9710

Christina Shamass
Physical Therapist - (925) 855-5469

Joni Norris
Teacher of Deaf/Hard of Hearing - (925) 855-5463

Linda Rowley Thom
TSA/Curriculum Specialist - (925) 855-5458

Tamara Black
VI Teacher - (925) 855-5459

VI Teacher - (925) 552-2957

Hanien Eliyan
O&M Teacher - (925) 855-5464

Occupational Therapists

Linda Johnson - (925) 552-5025

Teri Locke - (925) 552-5022

Jewel Murphy (COTA)

Julie O'Brien

Andree Sehrt

Amy Sommer - (925) 552-5003

Grit Sugar

Julie Ann Tallman - (925) 743-9710

Stephanie Werner

Debbie Wiederecht - (925) 242-3246

Special Ed Directors: Jean Anthony, Carol Unterseher and Cindy Perez

Jean Anthony, Carol Unterseher and Cindy Perez

IEP Process Survey

This IEP Process Survey is an important part of our efforts to monitor and continually improve our delivery of special education and our support of families of children with special needs. Answering these brief questions will help us to support the experience of families in the special education process. 

Please click here to take the IEP Process Survey.

New Procedures for OCR Compliance

Click here to view Procedure for Participation of Students with Disabilities in Co-Curricular, Extra-Curricular, and Non-Academic Activities and Field Trips.

Click here to view Access to Student Information System for Families of Students with Disabilities.


Organizational Chart

Click here to view the 2015-16 Special Education Organizational Chart.

Special Ed Office Staff

Alma, Jenny, Lisa, Lan, Tanya, Margaret, Gwen