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Facilities Development
3280 Crow Canyon Road
San Ramon, CA 94583

(925) 552-5986
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Rich Lowell
(925) 552-2970

New School Construction

Special Board Meeting June 2 to discuss boundaries for new school

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District will hold a special meeting of the Board of Education to discuss options for attendance boundaries for its newest elementary school. The new school in the Dougherty Valley area of east San Ramon will begin construction in June and is scheduled to open Fall, 2016. The new school will accommodate one of the last pockets of new housing built in the area and will help relieve and equalize enrollment at the other four elementary schools in the Dougherty Valley.

The meeting will be held Monday, June 2nd, 7:00 PM at Dougherty Valley High School. The community is invited to attend.

District staff recently held two forums to collect input from the community regarding proposed neighborhoods that would attend the new school. Based on input from those meetings, staff will provide the Board with a set of options to consider that would include new housing developments near the new school and potentially include one or more existing neighborhoods that currently attend other schools.


Also, to view list of questions that surfaced from the two forums, the original proposal and April 22nd staff presentation to the Board of Education, please click HERE. Following the June 2nd meeting, the Board is scheduled to meet again on June 10th to discuss, and possibly make a decision on the new boundaries.

Questions during May 13/15 Community Forums

The following questions were collected during the May 13th and 15th Community Forums related to Attendance Boundaries for the new school. These questions will be addressed at the June 2nd Special Board of Education Meeting (7PM at Dougherty Valley High School). Staff's revised presentation for the Board will also be available at this meeting - community is invited and encouraged to attend!


May 13th Forum at Live Oak


Will middle school boundaries be changed?

Who is paying for the new school?

How were boundaries originally determined?

What was the design of the Dougherty valley?

What was the capacity of live oak?

Have you considered equal distribution of rental properties?

When will that the development be done along the Dougherty Road?

Comment about the rental units – homeowners are supporting the programs……

Concern of area 2013 biking to school…

Recommendation on voting for the public on boundaries- do we get to vote?

How do you come up with the numbers of student in the attendance area?

Concern about the numbers in Coyote Creek and Hidden Hills

Take boundaries from all the schools not just Live Oak and Quail Run

Traffic on Bollinger- 1.4 miles compare to .1 miles- most neighbors drive- we are not adding to congestion

Would you consider grandfathering families…all new families will go to the new school from 14-15…moving forward?

Concern about the timeline for June 2nd and for June 10th?  Will you have enough time to make decisions?

2105/2106/2107- not crossing any major corridors right now- four times the distance

Walking and biking to school – not going to be able to do it from this boundary 2105-2107

Live oak and hidden hills are doing most of the heavy lifting the next two years.

Thank you and fortunate we are – live oak being in crisis- extremely thankful to the board for finding a neighborhood solution

What are we doing for 2014-15 school year and the 15-16 school year until the school is built?

Ideal situations- master plan a community- topography of the land is not very good- schools are not placed in the right places

Have you considered expanding the existing schools?

Have you considered putting the new school elsewhere?

2012- closest place is Hidden Hills- we go to Live Oak – why are we going further?

2011/2012/2013- paying Windemere taxes

People who want to stay should be able to stay- grandfathering

Thank you for the forum- 2012/2013/- driving – have a Kinder- knowing that when I have invested in that community- moving a 3rd grader- get to have the same teachers that my siblings- what can we do as existing parents- to stay at their school?

2106- closer to coyote creek- first family into quail run- why are we not considering area cross Quail Run being considered?

The area across Bollinger that goes to Quail Run- they cross Bollinger?

New people should go to the new school. Use a lottery system.

I don’t want the school expanding- grandfather people who are in the school.

Redo all the boundaries for the DV elementary schools

Why don’t you have other scenarios listed for elementary boundaries?

2106/2107- letters of concerns signed by our residents- I feel for you- sent the letter to the board and Ms. Shelton- have you considered not changing boundaries at all with making this school a magnet school?

Use the strategy to have a magnet school- many districts use that

Quail run- neighbors walk- new people go to the new school

Address cafeteria time for the large schools- fine with portables or increasing class size


May 15th Forum at Quail Run

Concerned about Distance/convenience/safety when dropping off kids between elementary and middle school from 2015 and 2017

New school is a mile walk- is the school district considering any safety options?

2105/2106/2107- comment again about undeveloped area is closest to the school- Live Oak  area across the street should go to the new school.

Are you considering the Dougherty Road to be a high traffic commuter road?

Planning- will this new school become a Title one school?

Do we have other proposals?

Astoria- more than one kid- bike to school- walk to school- shouldn’t distance be the main factor?

Crossing guard for our students to go to Live Oak

Are we all here so you can tell us what you are doing? Are you here to listen?

Guiding principles don’t match what you decided

2107- Do you have studies on who is walking and riding?

Magnet school comment- is it being considered

2106- Dougherty road- worried about how to get to work- traffic-/2106/2107 part of Quail Run- can you consider this a as a diversion only school?

Build on the hill- let them go the new school- stop building across from Quail run

Do we have hope and can we be optimistic?

2011/2012/2013- why us?

What is the guarantee that the new communities will be built? Ratio of rental units- Live Oak will have none

Apartment communities- transient community

1706 area which goes to Coyote Creek should go to the new school

New School Attendance Boundary Workshop (4/22/14)

Click here to download the April 22nd staff presentation to the Board of Education. **Includes proposed attendance boundary for new school.

Design - New Dougherty Valley Elementary School

Design - New Dougherty Valley Elementary School

District Moves Ahead with Location and Design of New Elementary School
Passage of Measure D and public-private partnership pave the way for construction of new school in Dougherty Valley

For Immediate Release

Friday, 26 April 2013

Contact:   Terry Koehne, Community Relations Director
Phone: 925-552-2942 / Email:


Danville – The San Ramon Valley Unified School District Board of Education recently approved the preliminary design for the District’s newest elementary school in the Dougherty Valley community of east San Ramon. The new school is being funded through Measure D, the $260 million school facilities bond passed by local voters in November 2012.

“We are very excited to already have a preliminary design for this school,” said Superintendent Mary Shelton. “Thanks to the generosity of our community and a unique partnership with the City of San Ramon and Shapell Homes, we can continue to move forward with our plans to help alleviate the enrollment crunch that exists in the Dougherty Valley while also providing a state-of-the-art elementary school in a beautiful neighborhood setting.”

The new school will be built to accommodate approximately 830 kindergarten through 5th grade students, and will be situated on a 7.4 acre site located approximately 1/2 mile southwest of the Dougherty Station Community Center and Library in a yet-to-be developed area of the Dougherty Valley (site is adjacent to a future 30-acre community park).

The school, which is projected to open Fall, 2015, is being designed by Quattrocchi Kwok Architects, and will feature two 2-story classroom buildings, a comprehensive multi-use building and a large playfield equipped for soccer and softball.

“This school is being designed and built with the same high standards that we have come to enjoy with all of our new schools in the Dougherty Valley community,” said Gary Black, Assistant Superintendent for Facilities and Maintenance.

The designation of the land is a result of a three-way partnership between the City of San Ramon, Shapell Homes and SRVUSD. Shapell Homes is providing the land to the School District, with the play fields also serving as permanent parkland for the City of San Ramon. This partnership resembles the shared joint use cooperative between the City and the School District that exists at all of the other school sites in San Ramon, and has become a model for other communities.

The next steps include submitting the design plans to the California Department of Education and California Division of State Architect.

- end -

Developer Built Schools Enhance New Community Developments
by Terry Koehne, SRVUSD Community Relations Director
Located in the new residential communities of Gale Ranch and Windemere in the Dougherty Valley, is a new approach to the lengthy process and high cost of building and funding new schools in California - have the developers finance and construct new schools. Very few schools in California have been built in a collaborative effort between the school district, developer, community, and the state. Because of the eventual construction of more than 11,000 homes in the Dougherty Valley (located in east San Ramon), the San Ramon Valley Unified School District will have eight such developer built schools.
Shapell Industries and Windemere BLC (Brookfield, Lennar and Centex) have completed construction of four new elementary schools (Coyote Creek, Hidden Hills, Live Oak and Quail Run). The first middle school in the Dougherty Valley, Windemere Ranch, opened in 2005, and the second middle school, Gale Ranch, opened in August 2008.
"This is a win-win situation for us and the school district," said Kevin Pohlson, Vice President of Land and Planning representing Windemere BLC. It is exciting for us because we can design the schools to complement the homes around them and the overall feel of the community."
The enormous task of constructing the new Dougherty Valley High School for 2200 students was a major priority for the district and developers. Shapell Industries and Windemere BLC worked together on the Dougherty Valley High School project, located at the corner of Bollinger Canyon and Albion Road. The school opened in 2007 with 9th and 10th grade students only, and expanded to grades 9-12 in 2009.
"The collaborative process that allows residential developers to build public schools works in our district due to a number of factors," according to Margie Brown, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities Development. "The district's Facilities staff oversees the entire process from inception through completion. The District selects a qualified, experienced school architect, ensuring that our educational specifications and equipment/material standards are met through a design committee process. More importantly, during construction, our staff closely monitors the progress and quality of construction, ensuring the school is built to last and opens on time."
Additionally, one more elementary school opened in 2009 - Creekside Elementary (located in the Tassajara Valley's new Alamo Creek development). If all schools are ultimately built out to their master planned capacities, these schools will accommodate nearly 8,000 students.
For more information on school construction, contact the Facilities Department.

RFQ/RFP for Lease-Leaseback Documents 2014

RFQ-RFP-LLB New Elementary School
Pre Construction Services Agrmt
Lease Leaseback Agrmt
Lease Leaseback Site Lease Agrmt
Lease Leaseback Sublease Agrmt
Prequalification Application

NOTEIf you intend to respond to this RFQ/RFP, please notify the district of your intent.  This will allow the district to add you to a list of potential respondents.

It is the responsibility of firms to notify the district of their intent to respond to this RFP and to determine whether addenda to the RFP have been issued.

New Elementary School Increment 2 Construction Documents

Increment 2 Plans

Increment 2 Project Manual Vol. 1
Increment 2 Project Manual Vol. 2