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Name: Miguel Villarreal
Title: Director, Child Nutrition and Warehouse
Phone: 925-824-1806

Name: Belinda McDaniel
Title: Department Secretary
Phone: 925-824-1808

Name: Janell Jayes
Title: Supervisor/ Procurement & Logistics Specialist
Phone: 925-824-1809

Name: Mary M Ruiz
Title: Area Supervisor/ Nutritionist
Phone: 925-824-1836

  Name: Lisa White
Title: Area Supervisor
Phone: 925-824-1807


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Child Nutrition

Miguel Villarreal Director of Child Nutrition and Warehouse Retires


Dear Colleagues and Community,

After dedicating my entire professional career to School Food Services, I want you to be among the first to know that I will  retire as Director of Child Nutrition in early August.  

I was told right from the start, that San Ramon Valley USD would be the best school district to ever work. I quickly learned that to be true. The support I’ve received from each of you has been outstanding. Without the support of colleagues and community it’s extraordinarily difficult to make positive changes. This community delivered every step of the way by inspiring me, assisting, listening and collaborating to create positive change. 


I call this collaboration the 3 C’s. It includes: Classroom, Community and Cafeteria. It could not have happened without this trio.


Classroom educators who stand out to me are the ones who not only think of lunch time as a separate entity in a child’s school day, but those who embrace food and nutrition as part of the curriculum. Those educators who help connect the dots between health, nutrition, and food sources (and improved concentration and readiness in class) engage our youth, providing lifelong lessons and tools for improved wellness. As a child raised in poverty and as a migrant field worker, these educators certainly impacted my life which I was able to pay forward today. Thank you for continuing to inspire the next generation.


We are all in this together and can’t go it alone. With the support of students, parents, non-profit organizations, foundations, farmers, universities, businesses, media and a host of other collaborative partners, our wellness initiatives have helped improve our schools and community. I’ve had the very good fortune of collaborating with a myriad of stellar individuals over the years.  I’ve cherished every moment shared and thank each of you for your contributions to our programs.


Our entire cafeteria staff! To the behind the scenes, unsung employees who have been essential heroes, I can’t thank you enough. While everyone was sent home for remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic, you showed up daily to keep our families fed. Even Time Magazine highlighted you as the “essential heroes, feeding the children of the nation”. Congratulations and thank you for your huge hearts and for putting our children and community first! I will deeply miss my interaction with you all.  

As I say goodbye, I’m confident that our Child Nutrition program is set for future success. We are now seeing a positive cash flow for the first time in over 10 years and have served over 1.5 million meals during the past 12 months. Our team is strong. These are accomplishments that many national school food service programs have not experienced this past year. We’ve revamped our menus and removed over 15 tons of sugar from highly processed foods and are purchasing over $12,000 a week in fresh, locally grown produce.  Our tagline, #BecauseWeCare, is indicative of the attitude of our team and the work to which we aspire.   

Now what? After more than 38 years working in schools, I am off to a new chapter. My wife and I have long dreamed of one day of moving to Italy for a minimum of one year.  We’re in the process of making that dream a reality! With 4 grown daughters (one still in college) and 3 grandkids, we plan to introduce them to a new adventure in a new country. In addition to spending time with family and immersing myself in a new culture, I plan to cycle the rolling hills and mountains of Italy and write.     

I am deeply grateful to each of you for your support of Child Nutrition and I am so proud of our work together. I firmly believe we are permanently changing the school food system in San Ramon Valley, and around the country. Food equity and insecurity continues to be of utmost important to so many. This team and community are not only improving the health of students, but the health of the environment and our planet. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Child Nutrition Department and me. It was truly an honor to close this chapter of my career with such dedicated and supportive colleagues and community members. 

Be well and help others be well.

Miguel Villarreal
Director - Child Nutrition and Warehouse

Welcome to the San Ramon Valley Unified School District Child Nutrition Department!  In the SRVUSD, our child nutrition team believes in the philosophy of food equity; that all children have the right to equal access to healthy food in our communities. We also believe now more than ever, during this unprecedented time, in providing every student the healthiest, freshest and most affordable food options to maintain overall good health.

As we address the current challenges of the complex food systems in our industry and work towards improved food options, we will collaborate and partner at opportune times with students, parents, staff and community groups.  Our team understands the impact our purchasing decisions can have on student health, the environment, animals and our planet.  The team also knows that through collective efforts with everyone, we can have a positive influence on the food system as a whole.  

Thank you for your trust in our Child Nutrition team and our plans to provide your students with safe, quality, healthy food during this year's "Grab & Go" curbside service.   Our success is your success!  We are all in this together.  Return to this webpage often for the latest updates.

Free for all Grab and Go Meals
Free for all Grab and Go Meals