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Central Administration

Superintendent's Office


Rick Schmitt, Superintendent

Communications & Community Relations

Elizabeth Graswich, Director of Communications & Community Relations

Educational Services

Toni Taylor, Deputy Superintendent

Jon Campopiano, Executive Director

Carol Loflin, Executive Director

Ken Nelson, Student Services

Special Education


MaryAnn Frates, SELPA Executive Director
Linda Rowley Thom, Director, Special Education

Human Resources

Keith Rogenski, Assistant Superintendent

Melanie Jones, Director, Certificated Personnel

Nancy Gamache, Director, Classified Personnel

Business Services

Greg Medici, Chief Business Officer

Gael Treible, Director, Fiscal Services

Brenda Boothe, Accounting/Payroll Manager

Purchasing, Warehouse and Duplicating


Jasmine Gacusan, Director of Purchasing, Warehouse & Duplicating

Maintenance, Operations and Transportation

Gary Black, Assistant Superintendent

Craig Cesco, Director, Maintenance and Grounds
Sheri Glaser, Transportation Director

Facilities Development


Danny Hillman, Director

Custodial Services

John Hillmon, Director

Child Nutrition


Bruce Hall, Director


Greg Pitzer, Director

Peter Campopiano, Manager, Technical Support and Systems Administration

Deanne Lashin, Supervisor, Technical Support