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Virtual Academy

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All families are welcome and will be supported in attending the Virtual Academy. 

Deadline to Apply: April 20, 2021


Virtual academy Informational Letter

In order to continue to offer a high quality SRVUSD education to those families who may need remote instruction, the District is creating a Virtual Academy.  

The District is planning for students to return to full-time, in-person instruction, beginning in the 2021-22 school year. The Board of Education and the District leadership team firmly believe that the educational needs of students are best met in-person, in the classroom, with their teacher; however, they also realize that a remote learning option may be the most prudent choice for some students/families given their medical or other extenuating circumstances.  

Information about our Virtual Academy can be found on our website. Applications for the Academy are due no later than April 20, 2021.  

Key features of the Virtual Academy include:

  • We still plan to keep a connection with the student’s home school for activities, sports, events, etc.

  • Classes will meet five days per week, online, in a class, with anSRVUSD credentialed teacher

  • Students/families will follow the current intra-district transfer process to transfer to the Virtual Academy

  • Students who wish to return to an in-person environment at the semester would be given priority at their home school. 

  • Students wishing to return to an in-person environment during a semester will be offered an available space in the District.

  • For students in grades K-5, students will attend Reading, Writing, Math and SS with their classroom teacher.  Science and PE will be taught by a specialist, as is done in elementary schools throughout our District

  • For students in grade 6- 12, the core academic subjects will be available and there will be a selection of electives based upon the interests of those who enroll in the Academy. 

    • We cannot tell you exactly what we will be offering until you tell us that you will be attending the Academy. Then we will look at course selection sheets and figure out what students want/need and do our best to figure out how to make those courses available to the students.

  • Once we have established course offerings, there will be a two-week window where families can opt out of the Virtual Academy and revert back to their home school.  

Returning students to their home schools, should they opt out of the Academy, is always our goal. Though we cannot promise this, we can and we will do our best to accommodate them. 

Students would return to their home school the following year.

Commitments from families to the Academy will be required by April 20th, so that there will be time before summer break to plan for staffing. 

Students who are returning to in-person learning for fall 2021 do not need to do anything further to declare your intention. Only those students who apply to the Virtual Academy will be considered for remote learning. Everyone else will be in-person.

If you wish to enroll in the Virtual Academy, please visit our website and complete the intradistrict transfer form no later than next Tuesday, April 20th. 

 Enroll in the Virtual Academy 

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